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Soy Sauce Koji from "Umamo", a Miraculous Delicious Ingredient that Saves the Ocean Nature!

Hello, this is Tenbusu, the organic market! This is Tembusu, the organic market.

Today, we would like to introduce "Umamoi Soy Sauce Koji" made from "Umamoi", a miraculous tasty ingredient that saves marine nature!

(*) Umamo" is explained below!

Umamo soy sauce koji is an all-purpose fermented seasoning that allows you to enjoy the unprecedented flavor of umamo, and is an excellent match not only for meats and vegetables, but also for rice with egg.

The flavor framework is made by carefully combining umamo seaweed, kelp, and shiitake mushrooms with soy sauce malt as the base, further extracting the addictive flavor of umamo seaweed.

The salt concentration has been reduced to 6% by using no additives and taking advantage of the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Because it is a seasoning that we use every day, we want to use products that are delicious and healthy with umamo, and that also help to protect the environment!

Ingredients] Soy sauce, rice malt, garlic, dashi kelp, dried kelp, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried algae powder (umamo), (contains soybeans and wheat)

Umamo : Algae (scientific name: aurantiochytrium) fermented with Awamori sake lees.

Contents] 120ml

▶︎ What is "Umamo"?

Umamo" is an innovative algae born from Awamori with a unique flavor and health benefits. This special algae is the result of a unique algae fermentation technology created from a combination of underutilized foods and natural algae. Our goal was to develop an algae rich in DHA, and after numerous trials and errors, we discovered that the algae, especially those grown in Awamori lees, were extremely tasty. This surprising discovery led to the creation of Umamo algae, which is both healthy and offers an exquisite taste.

Umamo is not only a natural source of DHA, but is also rich in flavor components such as glutamic acid, succinic acid, and aspartic acid, adding an aroma of the sea and fine flavor to dishes with just one swipe. Furthermore, the concentration of DHA is an astounding 10 times higher than that of bluefish, and it is also rich in nutrients such as GABA and arginine. This provides a delightful nutritional boost to tired bodies and helps maintain good health.

Umamoa is a food that everyone can enjoy, regardless of religion or creed. It is plant-based, yet has the depth and richness of the sea, providing a new option that expands the diversity and possibilities of food. The production of umamoa is also rooted in the sustainable philosophy of providing DHA without reducing the number of fish. This means bringing innovation to our diets while protecting the ocean's resources.

Umamo seaweed, grown by AlgaleX Corporation, is an unprecedented food that combines nostalgia and novelty, tenderness and richness, health and taste. We hope you will enjoy "Umamo", which not only goes well with alcohol, but also adds health and flavor to your daily diet. We hope to work with you to create a new taste experience that will lead to the future. We hope you will experience Umamo, which will make your daily life a little tastier and healthier, and expand the possibilities of food.


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