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Ohsawa's Organic Chickpeas!

Hello! This is Organic Market Tembusu☆

Today, we are introducing Ohsawa's "Organic Chickpeas!"

Chickpeas are characterized by their nutty flavor and subtle sweetness. They have a firm texture that becomes creamy when cooked. This unique flavor and texture make them versatile in various dishes. For example, adding boiled chickpeas to a salad enhances its nutritional value and pairs well with dressings and other vegetables. Another popular chickpea dish is hummus, a Middle Eastern favorite. By blending chickpeas into a paste with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil, you get a delicious dip for vegetable sticks or bread. Chickpeas also complement soups and curries, adding a creamy depth when cooked.

Chickpeas are rich in nutrients, offering many health benefits. They are high in dietary fiber, which helps regulate the digestive system and relieve constipation. They are also a good source of protein, essential for maintaining muscle and improving stamina. Furthermore, chickpeas contain a range of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, iron, and magnesium, which support energy metabolism and immune function. With low calories and fat, they are ideal for those on a diet. Incorporating chickpeas into your daily meals can support a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Organic Chickpeas (USA)

Content: 300g


Awase Main Store

Address: 2-2-8 Hiyane, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

TEL|098-880-6866 Parking|6 cars


Naha branch

Address|1F Takara Apt. 2-23-20 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

TEL|098-955-3599 Parking|5 cars


Open|Mon-Sat 9:30-18:30 (Sun & Holidays 11:00-16:00)

Closed|Basically no holidays


◆Start time of boxed lunch sales (tentative)

▷Awase Main Store around 10:30

▷Naha Branch around 11:30

◆Sun & Holidays [Bento & Bakery] Closed.

◆URL Search by Organic Market Tembusu

◆Net Shop

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