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Choshi's Grilled Sardine!

Hello! This is Organic Market Tenbusu☆

Today, we introduce Choshi’s Grilled Sardine by Chiba Sanchoku Service!

Choshi’s grilled sardine canned product allows you to enjoy the classic Japanese dish of grilled sardines easily. Using seasonal sardines caught in Choshi, these sardines are grilled over direct heat and then lightly smoked, enhancing the flavor without the typical fishy taste. The grilling adds a savory aroma that stimulates the appetite, and the bones are soft enough to eat safely. The natural seasoning makes it suitable for children and those who prefer healthy food.

These grilled sardines are perfect with hot rice. Additionally, they can be used as a sandwich ingredient, in salads, or as a topping for pasta, making them versatile for various dishes. They are also great as a snack with sake. Please store them in the refrigerator and consume them as soon as possible.

To recreate the taste that delights the Japanese palate, high-quality sardines from Choshi are used. After sprinkling cooking sake, they are grilled over direct heat and a small amount of smoked rice oil is added, giving them a delightful smoky aroma. This process results in a high-quality flavor that mimics freshly grilled fish. Please try this flavor-rich Japanese dish.

Ingredients|Sardine (Choshi Port), Smoked Rice Oil [Lio / Domestic Rice Oil Smoked], Rice Vinegar [Junmai Fuji Vinegar], Sea Salt [Umi no Sei / Izu Oshima], Cooking Sake [Konnichiwa Cooking Sake], Rice Flour

Net weight|100g


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