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“Safety of body and mindWe want to deliver items that will lead you to a safe life.

Is your mind tired from being swayed by various information?


Live a safe and secure life for your body and mind with familiar items without worrying.

That is the "natural style" we are aiming for.

To make everyone happy,We have carefully selected items.

​Please see detailed selection criteria for all items.


When deciding which products to carry, we take into account the opinions of all staff members and outside professional chefs, and consider whether the products are naturally heart-warming and delicious, whether they are overly seasoned, and whether they are suitable for children or the elderly. We make selections that match the ``delicious taste of Tenbusu'' from various angles, such as ``Is the taste safe for people with physical disabilities?''

​ - Easy

We select products that are made with more natural flavors and ingredients that are gentler on the body. In addition, we conduct our own power tests and affix "food regimen" stickers to products with higher energy levels, so those who are unwell, those who want to regain their youth, or those who want to boost their immunity can select these products with confidence. Masu.

​-I'm happy.

Many natural foods and organic products are quite expensive, but with the feeling of ``supporting mothers who are doing their best,'' our store has a range of products that can be incorporated into daily life as much as possible, and products that are good for your wallet.

Seasonings and the like may seem more expensive than the market price, but if you use a good quality product in small quantities, you can taste it well, and it can be used in a variety of dishes, so it won't put pressure on your life, so please try it once.



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