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Japanese mugwort powder!

Hello! I'm Tembusu from Organic Market☆!

Today we would like to introduce "Yomogi Powder" from Osawa!

Made from young leaves grown in Aomori and Nagano, "Yomogi Powder" is a natural ingredient that not only adds aroma and flavor to traditional Japanese sweets and dishes, but is also beneficial for health and beauty.

This product, made into a fine powder without additives, is recommended for making rice cakes, dumplings, soba noodles, and confections, and can also be enjoyed as a tea.

Mugwort has antibacterial properties and is believed to be effective in regulating the intestines, promoting blood circulation, and improving sensitivity to cold.

Also known as "moxa leaf," this herbal medicine warms the body from the inside out. In terms of beauty, it is expected to have moisturizing, astringent, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, and is even referred to as the queen of herbs. However, it is important to avoid overconsumption due to its "tsuyon" component and to observe daily usage.

The health and beauty benefits of eating this product and the flexibility of its use make it a perfect fit for modern lifestyles.

Ingredients] Mugwort (Aomori and Nagano)



Awase Main Store

Address: 2-2-8 Hiyane, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

TEL|098-880-6866 Parking|6 cars


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Address|1F Takara Apt. 2-23-20 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

TEL|098-955-3599 Parking|5 cars


Open|Mon-Sat 9:30-18:30 (Sun & Holidays 11:00-16:00)

Closed|Basically no holidays


◆Start time of boxed lunch sales (tentative)

▷Awase Main Store around 10:30

▷Naha Branch around 11:30

◆Sun & Holidays [Bento & Bread-related Etcetera] Closed.

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